Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

School Values

By working together within a safe and happy environment we aim for children to enjoy school and achieve their best.

Aims of the School

The overall aim at Primrose Hill Primary School is to provide a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment in which the children can learn and experience a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’, where it is safe to experiment and overcome setbacks. We aim for our pupils to acquire the skills and knowledge which will enable them to develop as confident and independent people, committed to their own development yet aware of their responsibilities to others.

  • To have high expectations of children both academically and in social behaviour so promoting positive expectations and attitudes.
  • To provide a caring and supportive school environment, to develop lively minds and bodies by stimulating pupil’s interest and curiosity.
  • To enable children to discover their culture and the world around them. To appreciate and cope with the ever changing world in which they live and for which they will eventually become responsible.
  • To foster a sense of self-respect and respect towards others by promoting the Primrose Hill School Behaviour Code, Polite-Happy-Safe and for the children to accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • To encourage attitudes of independence yet co-operation and for children to value the need for perseverance and self motivation.
  • To give each child equal opportunity regardless of gender, ethnic origin or disability and to stand against racism and all forms of discrimination in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • To deliver the National Curriculum and where appropriate to the needs and talents of our pupils to go beyond it. To provide a curriculum of breadth and depth which focuses on a core of English, Maths and Science enhanced by the richness and variety of the foundation subjects.
  • To strive for our pupils, as a group, to achieve at least the national averages and to achieve individually to maximum potential. We will always be aware of a need to raise standards.
  • To develop a strong partnership with and encourage the involvement of parents/carers in their child’s education.
  • To create an awareness of leisure and learning opportunities available in the vicinity of the school.
  • To foster a pride and appreciation of our children’s achievements.



  • A broad, differentiated curriculum is provided, enriched by first-hand experiences wherever possible, including the use of the local environment.
  • We have high expectations, and strive for high levels of achievement in National Curriculum areas, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy.
  • We recognise and build upon the knowledge, skills and abilities that each child brings to school.
  • We encourage pupils to work with increasing independence, tackle and solve problems and control their own development.
  • We strive to give children the skills and confidence to express themselves clearly when communicating, recognising the importance of quality and originality in written the spoken English and the advantage of distinct and meaningful expression.
  • We provide opportunities for investigative learning to enable children to question and argue rationally and to develop the capacity to apply knowledge.
  • Children will be given equal opportunity and there will be a consistent approach by staff. We encourage consistency in children and as such we expect it from staff. There will be positive leadership with clearly defined roles for all staff.
  • Staff, governors, parents and children will all work together to develop the potential of each child.
  • We expect high standards of behaviour and respect for all adults, children to be polite, considerate and socially aware. We will not tolerate any form of violence or bullying. We employ a reward system for positive behaviour and when this breaks down we will use a system of reprimands and sanctions appropriate to the age of the child.
  • We organise resources efficiently and make them available to children.