Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


DT - in DT we have been looking at puppets. We used our story the three little pigs as our influence and created designed based on this. We then worked really hard to replicate our designs into our final products using fabric. We found it hard to cut the fabric but we were very resilient and as you can see the final results were fabulous!

Science - continuing our materials learning we have been creating tents for granny and grandpa! We used our knowledge of materials and their properties and thought about what properties are important for a tent. After building our tents, we tested them out the check they would keep them dry! All of our tents were successful and granny and grandpa were spoilt for choice.

Geography - this half term we have been looking at maps. We have looked at their features, followed maps, drawn maps and we have even created our own compasses. The children thought carefully about where the different directions needed to go to ensure their compass was correct.

Our local walk and church visit - as part of our topic this half term we used our map skills to follow a route to get to Pudsey Parish Church. We walked through the cemetery and past the park before arriving at our destination. Once we arrived at the church, we had a tour and looked at all the different parts within the building. At the end of our visit we all dressed up and performed the nativity story.

Maths - we have been looking at shape and exploring 3D shapes. We followed some instructions to build shape patterns by selecting the correct 3D shapes and putting them into the correct order.