Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Home Learning Week Beginning 28-3-22

Rhyme Time

We sing a nursery rhyme every day in nursery, repeating the same rhyme every day.  This week our rhyme is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive...

Drop Everything and Read

Learning about the world through stories and developing a love of books is promoted through our daily shared reading sessions.

We hope children enjoy watching and listening to our daily stories.  Children can of course watch the videos again and again and use the stories to inspire play and creative tasks

Being Imaginative and Expressing Ourselves!

Being creative and making choices about the resources we use are important to our wellbeing and development.  Making choices encourages independence and reflective thinking. The learning opportunities below may inspire greater creativity!  

Making Meaningful Marks

Learning ideas:

Draw pictures of the characters you read about in stories.  Can you find a picture of a character you like and have a go at copying it?  Look carefully at the colours the illustrator has used and the shapes and features they have drawn. 

Making sense of number.

Play games which encourage counting and count objects during play and whilst doing helpful jobs at home.

-Collect natural treasure as you go on a walk.  You could take a bag to collect your treasure, or fasten it to a stick. (See photo below)

Remember to wash your hands after touching natural objects.

Count how many items of treasure you have collected.  Could someone else in your family collect treasure too?  Who has collected more?  Did you collect the same things?  What is different?  What is the same?

Shapes and Patterns

Tiddler and his friends are all sorts of shapes and sizes and have lots of different patterns. Look at the fish and talk about the shapes and patterns you like and can see.  Which fish shapes and patterns can you create?  You could use the video of Mrs Ashcroft reading the story of Tiddler and pause it on the pages which show different fish.

Can you create a fish of your own to go with Tiddler?  

Think about your pattern before you start.  You might like to choose a stripy pattern, a dotty pattern, zig zags, swirls, stars...

Think about the size of the patterns you see and the things you create.  Can you talk about big, huge, small, tiny patterns?