Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


A Twist In The Tale- Science Investigation

Science - Digestive system - 28.11.22

Today, Year 4 completed an experiment to demonstrate and explain the process of the digestive system. 

Nicola Pemberton - Artist Visit - 21.11.22

Today, Year 4 were visited by a local artist, Nicola Pemberton, who spent the morning working with the children creating a piece of art for the Leeds Art Gallery project. 

Leeds Art Gallery - Virtual workshop 

Today, several year 4 pupils across both classrooms were selected to take part in a project by LAG. The project consists of creating a piece of art work about a wild animal escaping a painting and where they would go.

P.E. - team building - 17.11.22

Today, we used our team communication and oracy skills to work together and complete given tasks. 

History - 7.11.22

Today, we learnt all about Boudicca's rebellions. We used our oracy skills to discuss if everyone in England was happy with the Roman takeover and then learnt about who Boudicca was and why she rebelled against the Romans. 

Womens Rugby League World Cup Opening Ceremony - 1.11.22

Our year 4 class were extremely lucky this week to be invited to Headingley Carnegie Stadium to enjoy the opening ceremony and first England Womens rugby game. All of the children loved this experience and some children even got to walk out onto the pitch with the England team and sing the national anthem! How cool! 

W.B. 31.10.22: ENO - Finish this...

Year 4 have been challenged by the English National Opera to complete a piece of music called 'Blue, Red, Yellow'. They have been given the role of composer and tasked to choose a colour to represent their sound, which we have chosen deep purple, and create an ending to the chosen piece.