Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Home Learning Week Beginning 7-3-22

Rhyme Time

We sing a nursery rhyme every day in nursery, repeating the same rhyme every day.  This week our rhyme is: This little piggy went to market...

Drop Everything and Read

Learning about the world through stories and developing a love of books is promoted through our daily shared reading sessions.

We hope children enjoy watching and listening to our daily stories.  Children can of course watch the videos again and again and use the stories to inspire play and creative tasks.

Being creative with shapes

Exploring everyday shapes around the home, matching shapes which are the same, a different size but the same shape and different shapes, supports children's mathematical knowledge and understanding.

Physically Active Learning

Go on a walk and see what you can see and hear.  You could go on a Gruffalo adventure in a wood, or a park, or a garden.  You could march up and down by the window and say what you can see.  Walking and talking is good for you!