Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

WC 21-9-20

WC 21-09-20


Please aim to do one activity a day.

  • Rhyme - or play a game of silly soup... Sing the first part of the song to the tune of 'Pop Goes the Weasel': I'm making lots of silly soup, I'm making soup that's silly, I'm going to cook it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly. In goes a fox... a box.... some socks. Then ask your child to suggest other things that rhyme and could be added to the soup.
  • Oral blending – Tell your child you have turned into a robot and give your child instructions by breaking down words and getting them to blend them together eg s-i-t, s-t-a-n-d, j-u-m-p
  • Animal sounds – play a game of welcome to the zoo ( on phonics play or use picture cards/animals that you have at home and make animal noises, can your child guess the animal? Can they make sounds to match the animal?
  • Listening walk – go on a listening walk around your house or garden, what sounds can you hear? What is making the sound? Can you describe the sound?
  • Alliteration – collect some objects from around the house (or use some picture cards) can your child sort them by initial sound?


Practice counting to 10 each day.

Sing the days of the week song.

Collect objects to match numbers.

Collect a specified number of objects.


Other areas of learning

Draw a picture of the people in your family.

Practice writing your name.


Children enjoy learning through play, and often talk about their learning as play. This provides inspiration, challenge and ideas for future learning. Self- initiated play and adult led and directed learning, supports children in further developing areas of interest and ensures access to a wide range of opportunities. Please encourage your child to learn through play at home. Don't forget to share your learning with us on Tapestry.