Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Outdoor Learning Focus Week 


During the final week of term, we had the opportunity to embrace the great outdoors. We focused on our personal development by taking part in numerous activities that put us outside of our comfort zone with a focus on curiosity, cooperation independence and resilience.


Here are some pictures we created during our collaborative natural art session and when we learned to set a small fire and use it to toast marshmallows!


Armley Mills


This term we are studying the impact of the Victorian era on Leeds. To support us with our learning we visited Armley Mills. This brilliant museum transported us back in time to the reign of Queen Victoria where we found out about what it would be like to work in a cotton mill.

We looked at the mill itself, the machines that would have been used as well as peeking inside a mill workers cottage!


IT was brilliant to get hands on with some primary sources and find out more about this important period in our history.

Perspective Drawings


Having studied Van Gogh and his use pf perspective we set about using our sketching skills to create art which had a similar feel. We learned how a vanishing point can be used to support us when we want to make objects appear in the background of foreground. We are really pleased with the sketched and are looking forward to creating movement with the use of paints to finish these off.


Skipping Festival


At the start of the half term we attended the long awaited Skipping Festival. Having spent weeks practicing several different skips, it was time to take on 6 other schools from Leeds at Leeds Trinity University.

The children did brilliantly and came second place overall securing 6 golds, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals!


To be successful the children needed to plan a bridge that included all of the key features of a suspension bridge including:

a deck


a main cable 


and vertical suspenders


They would then need to test their bridges to ensure they could carry a weight from one side to the other!