Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Science - In science this half term we have been looking at materials. We have been testing out their properties. We looked at materials which were absorbent. Working in pairs we carried out our own investigation using a variety of materials.

Focus week - Our focus week has been all about fables. We started our week with a workshop and throughout the week we have read lots of different fables and thought carefully about the morals behind them. We performed some to our peers and even had a go at writing our own. We finished the week with listening to some fables that some of our year 6 children had written.

PE - This half term in PE we are developing and building on our throwing and catching skills. In this lesson we worked with a partner focusing on being ready to recieve a ball and throwing a ball so that our partner is able to catch. We played games and had competiotions to encourage accuracy and precision when throwing.