Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Gallery of Learning

Computing - Using Photo Editing to make Christmas Cards

History - Now Press Play Ancient Greece. The children took on the role of the main character and were taken on a journey through Ancient Greece. This provided the children to revisit learning covered during History.

Science - investigating how birds beaks have adapted to their environment.


Children used a range of equipment to act as beaks to try and pick up 'food items'. The children predicted which 'beak' would be the most effective before carrying out their investigation and then discussed their findings.

The final pieces of art.


After a week of learning and practicing their skills the children have now created their final watercolour birds. I am sure you will agree the children have done an excellent job and there is a clear improvement with how they have used the watercolours.

Art continued...

Today, we recapped the learning from last year about pencil and sketching techniques and then practiced some of these by sketching a bird in flight. Following this, we then learnt a range of watercolour techniques and practiced using these. 


This week we have launched our art topic. We are focusing on sketching and watercolour whilst learning about and creating work in the style of Anjana Cawdell. Today we had a Live session with Anjana who shared some of her experiences and tips.  The children have create a pre assessment or the unit where they had to sketch a bird in flight and then add colour to this using watercolour. I am sure you will agree we have some incredibly talented young people in our class.

Our Y6 were winners of the Pudsey Cluster Football Tournament

Last night, six of our Y6 boys took part in the Pudsey Cluster Football Tournament run by Leeds Rhinos Foundation who were supported by the sports leaders from Crawshaw. The team played well during the group stages - winning one match and drawing the other 3. This put them through to the quarter finals where they won by an impressive 4-0. The semi final was tense and ended with a draw. This resulted in penalties - which they won. They then faced the final which again was a tough match resulting in another draw. The tournament was concluded by our team winning our second penalty shoot out. We could not be more proud. They were amazing and have most certainly done our school proud.

History - We learnt about the the Gods and Goddesses and rein acted scenes and carried out freeze frames.