Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Home Learning Week Beginning 28-2-22

Rhyme Time

We sing a nursery rhyme every day in nursery, repeating the same rhyme every day.  This week our rhyme is: Two Little Dickie Birds

World Book Day

This week we are celebrating books even more than we usually do! Watch out for posts on Tapestry about World book day themed events.

Drop Everything and Read

Learning about the world through stories and developing a love of books is promoted through our daily shared reading sessions.

We hope children enjoy watching and listening to our daily stories.  Children can of course watch the videos again and again and use the stories to inspire play and creative tasks.

Making Meaningful Marks

Learning ideas:

Can you draw a spider?  You could sing 'Incy, Wincy spider to yourself as you draw this eight legged animal.


Can you draw pancakes and talk about the toppings you enjoy?  You might like to listen to Mama Panya's Pancake story as you draw your pancake.


Can you draw a spider's web?

A spider's web template to draw over.

Being Imaginative and Expressing Ourselves!

Being creative and making choices about the resources we use are important to our wellbeing and development.  Making choices encourages independence and reflective thinking. The learning opportunities below may inspire greater creativity!  


-Circle challenge:  Go on a circle hunt around your home.  Hoe many circles can you find? 

-Draw circles on a piece of paper to create a pattern.

-Make a circle character where all the body parts are made from circles!

Making sense of number.

Play games which encourage counting and count objects during play and whilst doing helpful jobs at home.


Number names and numerals are just words and marks.  Helping children by exploring quantities through play, supports secure understanding of number values.

Being creative with shapes

Explore shapes and patterns.  Where can you see patterns and shapes in the stories were are reading this week?

Think about the size of the patterns you see and the things you create.  Can you talk about big, huge, small, tiny patterns?

Colour and shape challenge:

Look at the picture below.  Which story is Mama from?  Talk about the patterns on her clothes.  Look at the patterns on your clothes.  Can you sort your clothes into groups which have the same or a similar pattern.

Here are some ideas for you: Stripes.  Spots.  Flowers.  Dinosaurs.  Stars.  

Physically Active Learning


Challenges which involve 'fiddly fingers' (moving small objects carefully) help to support children's fine motor control. This helps the development of early writing skills.

Moving in time to music and copying movements supports the development of children’s gross motor skills, spatial awareness and coordination skills.