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Art and Design at Primrose Hill



Our art and design curriculum challenges and inspires children whilst equipping them with the skills and techniques needed to experiment, craft and innovate. As pupils progress through school, our curriculum promotes a deeper understanding and evaluation of a range of artists and work created. During their school career, our pupils develop their skills as drawers, painters, sculptors, and printmakers. These ensure our pupils are equipped with the essential skill set they need as they transfer to KS3 and continue their art education journey. 


At Primrose Hill our art lessons are high-quality and ensure all children develop their imaginative and creative thinking skills. They become fully immersed in the wider world and develop a good awareness of different cultures. Our children develop a greater understanding of their own British culture and history of which they are now an important part. Our art curriculum helps our children develop their own understanding of emotions and those of others and gives them a safe environment in which to explore these. We ensure our children develop their self-confidence and resilience through sketchbook work. This gives them lots of opportunities to practice and be resourceful and to find different ways and techniques to create their work.


Our key substantive knowledge strands are: 

  • Practical Knowledge (1. Media and materials; 2. Methods and Techniques; 3. Formal Elements of Art and the Principles of Art; 4. Technical Language; 5. Specialism)
  • Theoretical Knowledge (The breadth of art and it’s narrative through history)


These are an integral part of our curriculum. At Primrose Hill we want our children to get better at art. We want our children to become fluent in the specialisms we have chosen, we want our children to be confident to try out ideas, methods and techniques and the ultimate aim is to ensure our children become authentic by being able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. 


Through high quality lessons and enrichment in KS2, we aim to develop essential characteristics of artists and give them further opportunity to express their artistic skills through practical knowledge.


We aim for all children to develop art skills, construct knowledge and cultivate positive values and attitudes towards the subject. Gaining delight, enjoyment and satisfaction through the participation of art activities and pursuing a lifelong interest in the arts is our main aim.



Art and Design Topic Overview

Sunny Bank Mills - Gallery Visit and Printmaking Workshop


November 2021


Some children in year 3 and year 4 attended a gallery visit and mono printing workshop at Sunny Bank Mills on Wednesday afternoon. They thoroughly enjoyed looking at the Northern Soul Exhibition on display and then recreating their own screen prints inspired by artist Ian Scott Massie. Children practiced their mono printing techniques and learnt how to add layers to their prints using different coloured ink. They drew from direct observation the rural landscape around them and their final prints look fantastic. We cannot wait to display these in school! 


Images and films from art and design learning at Primrose Hill