Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Summer 1

What We Are Learning


Maths: Decimals, time, mass and capacity and properties of shape

Literacy: Character description, Setting Description, Newspaper reports and Poems

Class Readers: Varjak Paw

History: The Victorians

Science: Living things and their habitats

French: Family members

PSHE: Money Matters

Focus Week 

Today, year 4 have been practicing some of their own talents which they had the opportunity to share with the whole class. It was amazing to see so many children being brave and confident enough to stand in front of the whole year and perform.

Focus week - Day 1

Today, Y4A took part in two workshops that they absolutely loved. First was a boomwhacker workshop where children were given different sized plastic pipes that made different sounds. Together, with direction from the music teacher, they created some rhythms. Later in the Day, we had the opportunity to get involved in some dancing and we learnt the 'Cossack' dance which originates from Russia and Ukraine.

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Denim for dementia day 


Today, Y4A spent some time learning more about dementia. We watched several videos, played some memory games and completed some discussion tasks. Finally, we all created a message for the whole school 'big' jeans project. 

Now Press Play - Victorian Life 

This afternoon, Y4A spent some time role playing Victorian life as a child using our Now Press Play equipment. NPP is a format that allows us to immerse ourselves into the world of a character using wireless headphones. 

History - Mill life


Today, Y4A have been learning about what mill life was like in the Victorian times and the positive and negative effects this had on life. They had the opportunity to use a range of sources to identify the positive and negative effects on life and we discussed the findings as a class. 

Science - Classifying living things

Today Y4A have been using their recent knowledge of classifying living things to use a venn diagram and classify a selection of different living organisms. The children thought of their own characteristics to organise the animals and then decided where on the venn diagram they belonged. 

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