Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School



In maths we have been learning about our new topic - length and height. We started by using our key vocabulary - longer, longest, shorter, shortest, taller, tallest - to compare our own heights and also the length of different pencils. 

We practised lining the objects up carefully so our measurments were accurate. 

Science Super Learning Day


In Science we have been learning about materials. We thought about how coats were made and how we can use this to create an umbrella for our friend Ted. 

We spent time learning about what a fair test means. First, we were given different materials and asked to think about how we could test them. We came up with ideas such as running them under a tap or leaving them outside in the rain. 

We started to think about how we could control the amount of water and decided to use a pipette and put 10 drops on each material. This helped us to make it a fair test.

We found that some materials were not waterproof at all such as paper and cardboard. We found that metal and plastic were both waterproof.

We decided the best material for the umbrella was plastic, because it was waterproof but also flexible.



In maths we have been using Numicon and Base 10 to create numbers to 50. We started to compare these numbers using our maths vocabulary - greater than, less than or equal to. 

Toys from the past

We really enjoyed looking at toys from the past. We thought about how they might have been used and even had a go at playing with some of them! 


This week we learnt about balancing and moving safely on a bike. We had so much fun and learnt so much! 

World Book Day 

As part of World Book Day we spent some time reading with our friends in Year 5. We read a story to them and then listened to them reading a story to use. We loved sharing our stories. 


In maths we have been looking at numbers to 50. We have been working on identifying how many tens and how many ones are in each number. We used different resources to help us create the numbers. 

Florence Nightingale Workshop


Year 1 were visited by Florence Nightingale as part of our History learning! We were able to share everything that we have learnt about her so far and learnt a few new facts. Did you know Florence Nightingale had a pet owl called Athena? 

We had lots of fun learning about her life and we enjoyed travelling back in time to the Crimean War as nurses and porters to help Florence clean the hospitals and help to make the injured patients better again.