Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


This week in school has been focus week. We were challenged to design and make a bag from recycled materials. We followed each step of the design process from evauating existing bags, getting into teams and designing a product and then working cooperatively to produce a product. We worked well in teams communicating ideas and building resilience. We chose a final bag to diplay in the hall and sell to the parents and children. Pur bag was made from recycled plastic.

We used our mapping skills to navigate ourselves around Leeds city centre. We focused on looking at human and physical features of the city and thought about ehy people would be in our city. We found out lots of information about different buildings and the use of the River Aire.

Art. We are learning about David Hockney and his use of patter, colour and texture. We started our learning by practising blending colours together to make Autumnal shades using oil pastels.

Science. In ourr topic we were learning about the purpose of each part of a plant. Children came up with actions and freezes to remind them of each purpose.

GEOGRAPHY - We have started our new topic in Geography. In our first lesson we used globes anbd atlases to find out exactly where in the owrl Leeds and Tokyo are. We learnt new vocabulary such as Equator,Northen Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. we even located and labelled these the globes.

COMPUTING - In computing we were learning about IT and what this means. We thought about different types of computers. We used a mapping app called Popplet on the Ipads to record our ideas.

PE - In PE this term we are thinming about moving and our bodies. Children enjoyed playing a skilled based game of Frogsand Toads which required children to think about their body movements, practice and refine jumping and hopping and hold balences for a short period of time.