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                              Class assembly times and days.

Google Meet - Class Assemblies Time and Dates


In the even of another partial closure we will revert to online assemblies. Assemblies will last approximately 15 minutes and will be led by the class teacher. The class teacher will post a link to the meeting on the Google Classroom stream. The link will go live in the classwork section 5 minutes before the assembly start time. Your child will be let into the assembly by the class teacher at the allotted time. Please do not try and enter the assembly before the given time as Google will send you an error message. Children can only access the meeting once the class teacher is present and able to let your child in.


We understand that it may be difficult for some children to attend at these allocated times, due to the circumstances at home. It is not essential that children join the assembly, however this will provide an opportunity for children to see their teacher and some classmates and to contribute to discussions. 


If you have any problems with Google Meets please let your class teacher know.