Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Autumn 2

Maths: Length and Perimeter, Multiplication and division

Literacy: Character description, Setting Description, Newspaper reports and Poems

Class Readers: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - J.K. Rowling

History: Roman Britain

Science: Animals including Humans

French: Body Parts

PSHE: Health and wellbeing


Y4A Christmas Party 2021

Murton Park Roman Experience - 29.11.21

On Monday, Year 4 had the pleasure of visiting Murton Park to experience life as a Roman Soldier. When we arrived the children were told a story about the average day as a Roman Soldier and given a uniform to wear for the day. During the day, the children had the opportunity to; create and play a Roman board game, complete a Roman contract using the Roman alphabet and numbers, use Roman weapons to practice attacking techniques and finally they were shown some of the drills that the Romans would complete to practice routine and teamwork. Although it was extremely cold, everybody loved the experience! 

Roman Shields 25.11.21

Skipping School 15.11.21

Maths Super Learning Day 8th Nov 2021


Y4A Times Table Rockstars!

In the morning, Y4A practiced their times tables we also took part in the TTRockstars challenge against Y4DJ. During the afternoon, we were able to play many different Maths board games which helped us create our very own! 

Sound Learning Log - Half Term

During Half Term Y4A was asked to think about their Science learning during the first half term and experiment how to resist soundwaves from entering the ear. They looked at different materials and then created their own sound-proofing headphones. Once finished, they brought them to school and was able to showcase them to the class.