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School Council

PPHPS School Council

Making a positive contribution

What is a School Council?
Our School Council is made up of a group of pupils (2 from each class) who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve the School.
Each year voting takes place in the voting booths, for the children who have campaigned to be elected to the School Council. Mrs West then announces the children who have been successful in their campaigns in the next whole school assembly. The children are presented with their School Council badges during this time.

What does it do?
The School Council meets (with a teacher present) to discuss and sort out problems and ideas. These may include how we can improve our school, how we work together to help solve problems and to share ideas for fundraising events. Members of the School Council are responsible for carrying out ideas that they have agreed, such as planning charity events, meeting with local MP’s and putting forward views of other children in the School.

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