Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Writing - We have studied poetry this week focusing on the poem 'The Sound Collector', we explored different spaces around school to see what sounds we could collect and wrote our own versions of the poem.

Maths - We have been measuring length and perimeter using mm and cm and practicing how to accurately use our rulers to measure lines and shapes.

World Maths Day! Today we were problem solvers, communicators and mathematicians and we loved having a go at Miss Wiechula's Maths challenges although they were very tricky!

Writing - We have been working so hard to improve our handwriting and presentation and today we completed our Planting Spinach Instruction Write on! We are incredibly proud of our work!

Science - Plants exploration with the fantastic Mrs Vickers outside. We looked at the different parts of the plants and visited the allotment area in our school grounds where Miss Wiechula ate some raw and VERY sour rhubarb.

World Book Day - Look at our amazing outfits!

Geography - We flew Primrose Hill Airway's to Catalonia today mapping the countries, cities and mountain ranges along the way. We absolutely loved it!

Writing - Venus fly trap attack! In writing this week we came in to see one of our class being attacked by a Venus Fly trap after hearing buzzing in the classroom in the morning. We wrote speech about what was said at the time.