Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Science Blast - We have been focusing on Identifying, Classifying and Grouping objects in the room. We then used poplet to organise our groups of objects. Some examples were 'Things that are blue and things that are not blue', ''Things that are made of wood and things that are not made of wood', 'Living things and non living things'.

PE - We have been working on our ball skills; controlling the ball, moving the ball and stopping the ball. In this lesson we were working on rolling the ball into a goal.

DT - Our big DT project for this term has been our gingerbread houses. We designed them, chose a net, created a 3D model and evaluated our learning. We looked at our original design and compared it to what we produced at the end using the ipads.

Music - We explored following different rhythms on the glockenspiels this week - we were focusing on the notes D and E in different patterns.

Art - We enjoyed looking at Frank Bowling as artist of the month. We used paint and card to create dream like scenes with careful colour mixing.

Science Blast - We investigated the question 'Do taller children run faster' in our Science Blast. The class came up with their own way of carrying out this investigation to observe patterns.

Geography - What an exciting day we've had in Year 3! We took a flight on the Primrose Hill Airways to Catalonia and explored lots of the cities we passed on our flight. We located them on maps and compared the cities to each other. After landing in Catalonia we didn't want to come back home!

Music performance - We were lucky enough to watch a live music performance of a professional violinist and a Theorbo player. They were really brilliant!

Art - We were inspired by Darrell Wakelam to create a paper plate scarab beetle and loved watching his videos. We carefully drew the outline, cut it and painted it to create our very own. We love them!

Science/ History - This was the result of our mummification of tomoatoes in Y3W. Some were mummified and produced no mould. Others were very mouldy and smelly indeed!!