Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Gallery of Learning

Christmas Cards made using our sewing skills

Art - Greek vases the final products

Art - Mixing colours to paint our base colour for our Ancient Greek Vases

Futsal Taster session with John from The Futsal Partnership Team

Science - Identifying how living things adapt to their environment - which 'beak' is the most effective?

UK Parliament Zoom


This morning, our Y6 children had an interesting zoom lesson all about the UK Parliament. This included what Parliament is and the structure of this as well as learning about how laws are decided on. The children took part in debates in class and then fed back the findings before finding out what happens after this process. At the end of the session we were joined by our local MP Stuart Andrews, who explained his role and then the children were able to ask him questions. This was a very informative session.

The initial stage of our Greek Vases - creating the form

Visit from Rev Roger Quick (Chaplin) from St George's Crypt to help us learn about homelessness in our topic about Human Rights as part of PSHE

Where in the World?

Maths Super Learning Day