Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Computing - To cumulate our Computing learning for this half term we have been able to use the computers to created branched databases using Yes and No questions. We enjoyed categorising the creatures depending on their variables and creating Yes or No questions to order them.

Science - We have been exploring our outside space at school and were lucky enough to speak with Mrs Vickers about some different types of plants. We took cuttings from a few and are growing them in class along with our spinach seeds. We also learnt about the main ways seed dispersal happens and how flowers can be grown in lots of different places sometimes by humans or by nature itself!

Art Project - Our Wild Isles - Y3W took part in a live zoom lesson from Art fund, in partnership with RSPB and WWF-UK. We explored the hidden world of mini-beasts, and how they can inspire art and creativity. We then followed along with the live clay making session of mini-beasts by artists Kevin Dalton Johnson and Mollie Rayand are going to be taking part in an art project in the summer term after our trip to Meanwood Urban Valley Farm. We can't wait!

Geography - We finished our Catalonia learning today by creating a TV advert - similar to our class assembly about why people should visit Catalonia. We were able to use all our learning to encourage others to visit the region of Spain and we loved filming each other being directors and performers!

ICT - We have been looking at databases and spent the lesson learning how to order different groups of objects and to ask yes or no questions based upon a group of objects.

Science Week - Workshop

Art - To begin our new topic we completed a cold task where Miss Wiechula asked us to paint a landscape, before we even knew what it meant! We then spent some time looking at colour wheels and completing some colour mixing.

Science Week - Now press play! We enjoyed following the story of a very rare plant, turning ourselves into a bee and learning about the pollination process on this wonderful adventure!

Science Super Learning Day - In Year 3 we looked at the scientific skills of pattern seeking and observing over time. We used red food colouring to colour water and measure how much liquid was absorbed by the celery sticks over 24 hours. We ensured it was a fair test as the only variable we changed was the size of the celery.

Lego workshop - We were lucky enough to have a Lego workshop this week were we looked at creating algorithms and coding our Lego pieces to move. We loved making the pieces move coding different sound effects!

Maths - We have been working hard this week putting fractions on a line and then on a number line.

World Book Day - Y3W loved exploring books on world book day! We had reading buddies with some Year 6 children, we had a sports reading quiz, we had genre workshops with the Year 3 and 4 teachers and a guest reader Mr Kelly at the end of the day!

Writing - We have been using the text 'My Funny Family' as inspiration for writing this week. We have discovered an abandoned garden and we went on a hunt in the classroom to create expanded noun phrases to write in our setting description.

Science - Plants - We have started our brand new topic on plants by visiting Mrs Vickers in our very own school ground, digging up some plants and exploring the different parts of a plant. We then used the iPads to take pictures of the different parts and then labelled them on a popplet.