Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

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Meerkat Mail 


The children were amazed to find they had a special visitor arrive on Monday..... Sunny! A meerkat all the way from the Kalahari desert, from our class reader story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. The children have enjoyed taking him on adventures around our school. Later on this week, they will be helping Sunny write a letter to his family telling them all about his adventures at Primrose Hill. 

Science- identifying and classifying animals.

Access Arts 


Today the children enjoyed two performances from the opera squad. They were enchanted and mesmerized by there amazing voices! The children enjoyed joining in with the singing and rhythm games. 

Jubilee Day 


The children enjoyed learning about the Queen and her life. They were amazed to find out she has 3 houses, 2 birthdays and nine thrones! They then decorated a mug to celebrate this special occasion. In the afternoon we launched our new Geography topic about the UK. We looked at the Union Jack flag, which many have seen everywhere recently, and using globes and atlas discovered where the UK is and which countries make up the UK. 





The children enjoyed the start of their new science topic- animals!! We played a guess the animal quiz and discussed our favourite animals. We then practiced our scientific enquiry skill of collecting and gathering data based on our favourite animals. We found that the most popular animal in our class is a hamster!