Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


British Science Week 


In British Science week, we have been discussing what it means to be a scientist and this was brought into sharp focus when we met Morgan, a real live virologist!

Morgan explained that scientists are much more than white coats and crazy hair. He told us the importance of team work, collaboration and creativity in science and explained how he has got into science at school and ended up working at Leeds University!


The children loved meeting him and put what they had learned about viruses into practice by making models of a virus that highlighted the genome and the envelope structures of these miniature structures.

Meeting a real scientist in British Science Week

Science Super Learning Day 


This half term we took part in a Science Super Learning Day!


We revisited our learning about sound and then planned, carried out and investigation into which class was the nosiest in our school!


this linked our science work to computing and maths and was a great way to practice investigating whilst also recapping prior knowledge!