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WC: 16th November 2020

The children have really enjoyed balanceability.  They have learnt lots of new skills and built up their confidence on a bike. 

W.C 9th November 2020

This week is Science week.  In year 1 we are carrying out different experiments based on materials. 

Waterproof or absorbent experiment


We tested different objects to see if they were waterproof or absorbent.  We discussed what we would need to do to make sure we carried out a fair test, ensuring that the only thing that changed was the object being tested.  We used the same amount of water on each object and waited the same amount of time before observing how each object performed.

Sink or float

We have been pattern seeking in Science today by looking at which different objects sink and which float. The children noticed that heavier objects sink and lighter objects float. They also noticed that some materials are more likely to float than others.

Grouping and classifying

We have been looking at different objects and sorting the objects by the materials they are made from and also their properties.


In Geography this half term we are looking at physical and human features. We have been on a hunt around the school grounds to see what we could find.