Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Uniform Information

The uniform consists of: a white shirt or polo shirt; a navy blue jumper/sweatshirt or cardigan; and grey or navy blue trousers/ skirt. Sweatshirts can be purchased either in school or from other high street suppliers or local stores. Only those sweatshirts bought in school will have the school logo.

School Uniform & PE Kit

Previous problem areas in school have been:-

a) Unsuitable shoes: - Strappy sandals, heeled shoes or boots, or expensive shoes which could get 'spoiled' are not sutable for school. Sensible shoes in dark colours are much better than fashion shoes. Shoes should be suitable for playing outside in all weathers.

b) Jewellery: - Children should not wear rings, badges or earrings. The only exception is one small stud or sleeper earring in each ear. No other piercing should be worn for school. We consider body piercing to be inappropriate and parents should ensure that where they allow their child to have a part of their body, such as the nose, pierced it should be carried out during a holiday period so that it is not necessary for a sleeper to be worn during school time. Where a parent acts outside this recommendation, the child will be expected to wear a plaster over the stud until the site has healed sufficiently for the piercing to be removed for school.
School cannot take any responsibility for missing or damaged items of jewellery. Items of sentimental or monetary values should never be brought to school.

c) PE Kit: - Your child will need navy blue shorts and a white tee-shirt, pumps or trainers which are substantial enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Children in Reception classes will not require pumps or trainers until the Summer Term. Parents must provide a suitable PE kit for their child.
Please note: stud earings must be removed for PE.

d) Un-named clothing:- All clothing should be named so that any property can be returned to its owner – with more than 300 identical sweatshirts this can be very time consuming.