Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Enrichment lessons at Primrose Hill


Children in Key Stage Two take part in an afternoon of Enrichment lessons every week.

Enrichment lessons have been designed to enrich our curriculum teaching by providing opportunities for children to learn certain elements of some subjects in smaller groups.

Enrichment units run on a 5 or 6 weekly programme which ensures that by the end of their school year every child in every year group (from year 3-6) has taken part in every Enrichment unit.


Enrichment lessons, where possible, are planned and delivered by staff in school who have specific skills or expertise in that particular subject, for example, music enrichment lessons are planned and delivered by the music leaders. 


Enrichment in Design and Technology


Year 6: Textiles - Making plush toys from material using running stitch, backstitch and blanket stitch.

Year 5: Food Technology - Understanding where food comes from and cooking dishes from around the world.

Year 6: Bird Boxes - Children in year 6 have been building their own bird boxes. They joined the wood that they had cut to size using nails.

Year 5: Moving Vehicles - Children in year 5 have been creating their own moving vehicles. They had to measure and saw the wood to build the chassis.

Year 3: Moving Monsters - Children in year 3 were challenged to use pneumatic systems to create moving monsters. They had to think carefully about how they could make their products appealing to others.

Year 6: Food Technology - Children in year 6 have been finding about where different foods come from and seasonality. They have then safely prepared a range of dishes from around the world.

Year 4: Moving Toys - Children in year 4 have been designing and making their own moving toys using cam mechanisms. They had to accurately measure the wood before using saws, drills and glue guns to make their frames.