Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Geography - Where in the world? The next instalment of us exploring countries with an atlas and locating a country using clues. Have a look at the newsletter this week for the country reveal. Can you work it out from the images?

History - To complete our Ancient Egypt topic we used our Now Press Play resource to discover the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, the tombs and the after life. We loved it!

Art - Pablo Picasso inspired collages of us! Can you spot yourself in collage form?

Science - Exploring light and reflective materials

ICT - Developing our technology skills using the keyboard and mouse. Today we learnt how to copy and paste, insert images into a word document, save and then print the document.

Art - Scarab Beetle Painting. Look at our fantastic colours and detail!

Writing - Exploring role play of David Walliams' Dirty Bertie

Artist of the Month - Clementine Hunter

Geography - Where in the world? The first lesson of us looking at an atlas and locating a country in the world. This week was France what will next week be?

ART - Using modelling clay we created our very own Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetles today. We used our hands to carefully form the shape of the body and head. Then, we used a clay tool to create details on the beetle. We can't wait to paint these next week and bring them home soon. Special mention to Daisy for being a super photographer while Miss Wiechula's hands were covered in clay!

Writing - We have started a new text in reading and writing called 'Mr Stink' by David Walliams. Here we were exploring speech and role playing the characters of Chloe and Mr Stink. Some of us were brave enough to come to the front of the class and perform our dialogue!

ICT - Today we used the BBC bitesize dance mat typing to develop our knowledge of the keyboard before we begin to create a typed word document later in the term.

We became sport leaders in PE and enjoyed teaching each other different circuits and ways to use our new school markings!

Today we did a History and Science cross-curricular experiment. We mummified tomatoes just like the Ancient Egyptians would have done with their dead. We carefully opened the tomatoes, removed the guts and filled them with salt and tissue paper to absorb the moisture. We then wrapped them like a mummy in tissue paper and submerged them in salt. We will observe this over time to see how the mummification process affects the tomatoes. Look at our faces, we loved it!