Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Useful links

Below are a number of websites and links that we use in school to help children with their learning.

Most of the sites listed require a login which your child should have. If you need reminding of any of their log ins then please contact your child's class teacher.


  • Reading Eggs This website is where children can access their reading homework. Children will have weekly challenges set by their teacher in the Reading Eggs . 

  • Mathletics Click here for access to Mathletics for Homework and maths practice. 

  • The Oak National Academy This is a new site set up to support home learning. There are Maths and English session daily as well as some lessons which focus on the wider curriculum. Please access this as you wish and let us know how you're getting on! These short daily tasks are a great way to add structure to your home learning routine

  • White Rose Maths Hub This is a link to the the Maths Hub. We use this organisations planning and resources as the spine f our maths teaching in school and they are producing some wonderful home learning resources to support children during this lock down period. Children can watch short video and then complete the accompanying questions to show their understanding

  • BBC BitesizeThis is another fantastic resource to support children's home learning. The BBC is orchestrating a large number of daily home learning activities which can be used as you wish to supplement the home learning packs we are sending home weekly. They even have some very familiar faces such as David Attenborough leading some of their lessons!