Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Young Writers Competition 2023

Year 5

Many of our Y5 pupils entered a nationwide creative writing competition called The Magic Door.  They had to use their imaginations  to create their own story.  They had to plan where the magic door could take them, who they would meet and what they would experience.  They could set their stories anywhere in time in space or even in a whole new world.  We had so many winners! The winners will get their stories published in a book! Year 5 are really positive and enthusiastic about their writing. Well done Y5!

Year 4

Earlier in the year our Y4 pupils entered a Young Writers competition called A Twist In The Tale. They could write an original story or retell a classic tale with a twist in just 100 words.  They had to plan, focus their ideas and consider their words choices to make maximum impact upon the reader.  Our Y4 writers are certainly building confidence with their writing and many of them were chosen to have their stories published in a book!  Well done Y4!