Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


What are school hours?

We are operating staggered start and finish times. School starts at;

Year 1 and 2 - 8.40am

Year 5 and 6 - 8.40am

Year 3 and 4 - 8.50am

Reception - 8.50am

Nursery - between 8.30am 8.45am 


School finishes at;

Reception - 3.20pm

Year 1 and 2 - 3.10pm

Year 5 and 6 - 3.10pm

Year 3 and 4 - 3.20pm

Nursery between 3.15pm and 3.30pm



Each year group has a staggered playtime, between 10.15 to 10.50am



A staggered lunchtime is in place. Lunchtime is between 11.50am and 1.20pm


For nursery timings please see the nursery page


What equipment do the children need for PE/Games?

Children in Years 1-6 will have a designated PE day for which they will come to school in their games/PE kit.


Children in reception need a change of clothes and footwear for P.E and a draw-string bag in which to keep the kit at school.


Children need to wear:

  • Plain black/navy tracksuit
  • Plain white t shirt
  • Outdoor trainers
  • Plain black/navy shorts (Summer term)


For health and safety reasons children are not permitted to wear earrings for PE. Your child’s teacher will advise you when PE lessons take place so that earrings can be removed or taped over. Tape or plasters should be provided from home.


All P.E. kit MUST be named.


What should I do if my child is ill?

If your child is ill, a phone call is required on the morning of the first day of absence or a written note from the parent/carer if a phone call is not possible. 


What if my child needs to take medication?

Prescribed medication from a doctor can be administered by school staff. Please complete a form at the school office when you bring the medication in.


Non- prescribed medication needs to be administered by the child’s parent/carer.


School dinner money fees

Nursery £2.20 a day


Year 3 to Year 6 is £2.20 a day (Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 qualify for Universal Free School Meals)


If you wish to change from dinners to sandwiches or sandwiches to dinners, a minimum of 2 weeks notice in writing is required.


How are admissions dealt with for our school?

For the Nursery all admissions are dealt with via the main school office. Children can start in  Nursery after they are 3 years old.


Admissions into Reception class are dealt with through Leeds City Council please see the admissions page of the website for more information.


For a place in years 1-6 please ring the school office and read the admissions page of the website.



How do I find out what parents think of the school?

We carry out a number of surveys throughout the year to capture the views of our parents and the results are shared through the newsletters.  You can also visit Parent View on the Ofsted website available: