Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Science - Light 

Today, Y3SA have been investigating how and why shadows are made. They also looked at the patterns of shadows when changing the distance of an object from a light source.

Leeds City Museum - Ancient Egypt

Today, Y4SA had the pleasure of attending a trip to the Leeds City Museum. During the day we completed a workshop which looked at the Ancient Egypt period and specifically mummification. We even got the chance to see a real mummy! We then had the chance to explore each floor of the museum. 

Geography - Mapping day - 16/11/23

Today, Y3SA spent the day doing Geography, specifically, mapping. The mission was to return Mrs Dickson back to school from Pudsey Leisure Centre. We spent the day looking at a satellite and OS map of Pudsey. We found points of interest and then mapped out the safest route back to school. We also drew our own map of the route, adding some of the points of interest along the way.