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Science - Making bacteria and viruses as part of learning about micro-organisms

Debating Final at Pudsey Civic Hall

All of the children in the class have been working hard on debating skills and writing speeches for debating. as part of our Owlcotes Element - A Way with Words.

Today, three children represented our class as proposers stating community service is a better form of punishment than prison and won their debate.

Online music performance by Mishra as part of Leeds Youth Music Festival 2023


This was an informative and engaging performance where the three musicians talked about their wide range of instruments, played music from a range of genres and encouraged the children to join in with the pulse of some of the songs.


Wow! What a fabulous time the Y6 children have had today taking part in this. As part of this 3km course, the children took on ‘Muddy Mayhem’, ‘Canopy Climb’ and the awesome new ’Slideaway’ as well as many more. They had to run, climb, jump, crawl and slide their way around 12 Challenging Obstacles. 

During the event, the children showed excellent determination, resilience and team work.

Rivers Trip


Today we visited the River Wharfe in 3 different locations; Hebers Ghyll (Ilkley), Otley and Bolton Abbey. While we were at each location, the children investigated the width, depth and flow of the river as well as discussing the features of the river that the children have learnt about.


Today we used Digimaps and Google Maps to identify the locations we are visiting on our Rivers trip tomorrow. We then looked at the route we would take and the time it would take.

Raising Aspirations Week

We are creating a week where we, hopefully, raise the aspirations of the older children in school, before they go to high school and so they have an understanding of life after their schooling. The key focus is to make our children aware of the many varied jobs and careers they might be interested in and that basically - they can do anything they want to and be anything they want to be!


In Y6, we kick started this week with a visit from BT Openreach. 6 members of staff with different roles visited school and shared what their role involves and allowed the children to interact with the equipment they use.  This was a very interactive and informative session.

We have also had a Google meet session with a very experienced journalist (Frank Wiechula). He shared his vast experiences of travelling the world to cover sporting events as well as informing the children of the knowledge, skills and qualifications required for this role.

To end our first day we were visited by a light and sound technician - Dom Patel. Again, this session was very informative; the children were impressed by the process in which Dom goes through to create a sequence of light/sound effects as well as the fact that he improvises 'busks' when working for a music event. They couldn't believe the unsociable hours he works as part of his job.


Today a young apprentice visited us. This inspirational person - Brogan - has set up her own business as a baker. She explained how she ended up taking this route as well as explaining the wide variety of aspects within her role. Because she is self employed not only does Brogan bake but she also has to organise the financial/insurance and hygiene side of the business. Even though Brogan now has her own business, this was never her initial intention; at university she studied law and continued this while trying to establish her company. 

This morning we have heard from Tracy, a consultant paediatric diabetologist. Tracy talked about what her role involves and explained the different staff she works alongside. She talked about the skills and qualifications needed and the journey she took to her current role. This as incredibly interesting for the children. Thank you!!

Year 5 and 6 both had a visit from Victoria, a midwife. Victoria talked to the children about what 'a day in the life' of a midwife involves and the different skills and qualities that are needed. Once again, we thank you very much for your time this morning.

This morning we had a visit from an NHS team who work in the cardiology department at LGI.

Each member of the team talked to the children about their role, 'a day in the life of' and the skills and attributes they need. They also talked about how what they learnt in school helped their career choice. Children asked great questions, particularly about heart operations! Thank you so much to Andy, Shehan, Humayra, Damian and Catriona for giving your time today.

This morning began with visit from a Wedding Planner (Emma). She expailned how she ended up in her role after working in hospitality from leaving University. Her day varies hugely depending on whether she has a wedding or is in the process of organising them. As part of her role, she needs to use a range of skills including communication with clients, creativity and organisation.

Today we had a visit from Lottie and Calli, who are both young paramedics (and who travelled up from Bristol after a night shift this morning!). They shared their experiences, motivations and the highs and lows of their job.

Children in Year 6 enjoyed learning about a different kind of surgeon - a tree surgeon. When talking to Mark, they realised how heavy some of the tools were and how loud the woodchipper was. Thank you Mark for your time

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Day 5 began with a visit from a lawyer - Ella - she shared with us how she became a lawyer and the different routes there are to reach being a lawyer. To help the children gain more of an understanding of her job the children took on the roles of people within a court discussing whether or not 'Jaffa Cakes' were indeed a cake or biscuit. This linked really well to the debating skills the children have been focusing on.

This morning we also had a visit from 2 Police Dog Handlers. They explained their roles and the roles of their dogs and how they differ. They demonstrated how one of the dogs worked by hiding some money and allowing the dog to locate this. Steve and Roxy then talked to the children about their uniform and how they use different elements during their day to day work. To end the session the children got to meet all 3 dogs who were in the Police vehicles.

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To end the week, we also looked at some videos which had been made for us about people who couldn't speak to us in person including: 

Claire Hutchings Chime Marketing 

Ameer Majidi AAK International (Marketing)

Richard Booth, Green resource Engineering (design and engineering heating and cooling systems)

Emmeline North Street Artist

Commando Jo Mission 6 - Repairing the wing

Commando Jo - Amelia Earhart Mission 1

More Debating with Mrs O'Sullivan

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PE with Brad from the Rhinos focusing on Athletics and Orienteering.

We have started this half term by taking part in 'A week in China' this is a 5 hour course where the children work with a teacher of Mandarin to learn the basics of the language as well as gain an understanding of the culture.