Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Focus Week Drama


As part of our focus week we have been divising pieces of drama around the topic of 'The Magic Pen'. Following a drama game in which the children had to pretend that a pen could take on many jobs (from a hair brush to a bow and arrow), the children then worked in groups to create their own story that incorporated an everyday object that became more than it first seemed.

DT (sewing) pre assessment

Sorting and classifying


We worked in pairs to sort pictures to represent the different stages of human life.

We then used these images to debate which stages of human life were most applicable to some key questions such as, 'which images shows the most independent human?'


This raised some interesting debates about the physical and mental changes we go through as we age from a baby to an elderly person

Caterpillars in our classroom!


To support our science work on living things, we are raising some caterpillars we have 5 of these furry friends with us and we will be observing the changes they go through daily until we release them as butterflies in a few weeks!


Check back for more updates!