Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

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Finished Sculptures

Art - Papier mache time

Art - To create the Learning Legend pose as a 3-dimensional sculpture.

Today, we made sculptures focussing on our 5 Learning Legends. The children collaborated together and were very resilient in their learning - true Learning Legends.

Poetry Slam 2023

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In PE this week, the children worked on controlling their jumps and balances from equipment.

In Music this week, we have worked with Danny to learn a song about Bullying. The children were very enthusiastic about learning the song as well as the actions and some children even took on ‘solo’ roles.

In Literacy, the children enjoyed using their oracy skills to explain reasons why a character should follow a certain path.

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In Science, we are learning all about the Heart and the Circulatory System. We made our own blood in groups using different materials to represent red and white cells, plasma and platelets.