Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


West Leeds Activity Centre trip - 21.3.23

Today, Y4A had the pleasure of visiting WLAC to take part in three activities; climbing, go-karting and assault course. These activities were really fun and all of the children pushed themselves beyond their boundries and challenged themselves to take part in every one. I was extremely proud of this! Even Mr Ansbro got involved!!! 

British Science Week W.B. 13.3.23

During British science week, year 4 have enjoyed carrying on with their learning all about electricity. They have been building simple circuits and using these to test which materials are conductors and which are insulators. We have also enjoyed taking part in a Now Press Play which also focused on electricity.

Science SLD - 9.03.23

Today, Y4A has been investigating the sound levels in school. We focused on using a data logging app called Arduino and we recorded the sound intensity in decibels. We then used the information we collected to create a bar chart and evaluate the results to find out which classroom was the loudest and why this might be the case.

Science - Electricity - WB 20.2.23

This week, we have introduced our new science topic of electricity. Here is an example of static electricity in action. 


Mental Health Week - WB 20.2.23

During this week, year 4 have done many different activities linked to the five ways of wellbeing. Below are a few examples of what we got up to during this week.