Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Year 1 became tree detectives as part of our learning about plants. We went on a hunt for leaves around the school grounds and used our identification keys to find out what we had growing around school. We thought about the ones which were deciduous and those that were evergreen. We then used our leaves to carry out some leaf rubbing and classified them.


In our writing lessons, we received a letter from a boy named Dave asking us to look for his lost toy Dogger. His sister had seen the dog in different places around our school and left picture clues for us. We searched in all the places but we didn't manage to find him! We decided to create posters to help return Dogger to Dave. We thought hard about our descriptions based on pictures we have seen of Dogger.

We became historans and explored artifacts from Florence Nightingale. The exploration gave us clues and understanding about what time was like for the soldiers and the nurses during the Crimean War. We used the sources to act out taking care of a wounded soldier in the Scutari hospital.