Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Art - We have been studying the artist Sonia Boyce. Today we explored creating colourful backgrounds with oil pastels before we put our previous learning of drawing faces with our colourful background ideas in our next lesson.

PE - Orienteering - Today we created plans from a bird's eye view persepctive and then recreated them plans with our team. We had to keep the chain and think carefully about our communication and teamwork.

The Owlcotes Cup - We took part in the first Owlcotes Cup (in a long time) with the other three schools in our MAT. We thoroughly enjoyed completing all of the PE activities led by our very own Year 6 children!

Our History Topic - Stone Age Day. We took part in a range of wonderful Stone Age themed activites including Den building, Hunting and Gathering PE, Cave Painting Art and Fire making. We had a wonderful day!

Religious Education - We started a new unit looking at creation stories. Today we looked at the Jewish creation story and ordered the events of how God created the world in 6 days and rested on the second.

Leeds Rhinos - We were taught this morning by Brad from Leeds Rhinos on how to be a successful runner, techniques for preparing ourselves before we begin a race and how to complete a relay race.

Sky Arts Opera Day - Year 3 got the chance to experience Opera in school and were blown away by how incredible it was! We had the opportunity to watch live opera, follow a story and compose our very own song with the opera squad that we performed to the rest of KS2. We were even filmed in our classroom helping the character solve a problem, what an amazing day!

Arts Week - Movement - We completed the first two lessons on movement as part of our arts week. We created dances and loved moving our bodies to the music!

History - Stone Age - We learnt all about Stone Henge today and took a class quiz!

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - We loved designing and creating a celebratory mug to take home!