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Non chronological reports about Electricity


Having learnt and investigated with electricity the children then used their knowledge to create a non chronological report ensuring that the key text features were included and that the writing structure met the Year 6 standard.

Police Visit


Today, we had a session with a member of the Police force about how children can stay safe during their transition to High School. During this, the children learnt about and discussed:

  • Road safety
  • Grooming- recognising unsafe behaviour in others
  • Weapons awareness
  • Vaping/drugs/alcohol
  • Personal safety
  • Helping hands- discussing people who are here to help both at home and school


World War 2



What a fantastic day the children have had. In the morning, the children completed a rotation of activities. They began by learning more about rationing; some of the children were amazed at how little food adults got for a week. They then created their own 'eggless sponge' buns - opinions were divided with how these tasted. The next activity led the children outside to our allotment where they worked with Miss Vickers 'Digging for Victory' to plant over the top of our Anderson Shelter. Back inside the children experienced what life was like as they took part in an air raid drill, blackout and then a WW2 Now Press Play where the children experience life as an evacuee.

In the afternoon, the children completed their Blitz Skyline art learning.

I am sure you will agree the children all looked fantastic in their outfits. Thank you to all for your efforts with this.

We looked further into Rationing and then created an 'eggless sponge'.

The children visited the Anderson Shelter which is now located on the field near the allotment. They also helped Miss Vickers 'Dig for Victory' with some planting.

Art Stage 2 - The children used their sketching and drawing skills to think about the shapes they were going to use to create the London skyline. Some of the children created one long piece and others used smaller shapes and lined them up next to the others.

Art - Stage 1 of our 'Blitz' art work. The children used their knowledge of tints and shades to create their backgrounds ensuring the colours blended well.

Practicing our hockey skills in PE; we focused on the push pass and stopping the ball using the stick.

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In French today, we were learning how to say what we did at the weekend, at what time and what our opinion was of this. I was so proud of the children for having a go at this long, complicated sentence.

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Visitors from Vickers Laboratories.

We had a fabulous afternoon learning about some of the work which is carried out by the staff at Vickers Laboratories. We were amazed to find out some of the creations which have been made for some very well known films such as the 'chocolate' in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children even got to touch samples of this. During the session, the children also used 2 chemicals to make slime.


Science - During British Science Week, we revisited our Evolution unit by carrying out a Now Press Play where the children immersed themselves in a story.

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Science Super Learning Day - Investigating Shadows

Internet Safety activity - design a game

Rhinos Assembly

Historical Fiction Genre workshop - matching blurbs to the book

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World Book Day - We teamed up with Y2 and shared some stories with them. It was a lovely to see the two year groups interact so well.

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