Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Literature festival focus week

In year 3, our focus has been on the picture book 'Quest'. For our literature focus, we worked on setting descriptions. We picked a scene where the two children in the story were hiding behind a waterfall, watching a boat travel towards the castle. This was a great stimulus for writing and we created some fantastic writing. For art, we focused on using different means of art resources to create a layered mountain scene. We used watercolours to create the sky, cut out card and oil pastels for the mountains, topped by oil pastels to create the sea. All in all, this has been a fantastic week for year 3.

Writing project - Persuasive writing

In year 3, we have spent the last 2 weeks learning about persuasive writing. We then planned and spent some quality time writing a persuasive letter to local building businesses asking for a donation of a shed that we could use as a reading hut. We really loved doing this and we even posted them out to the businesses! 

Geography - Catalonia - January '24

This week in year 3, we launched our new term topic of Geography. As a hook to our learning, as a class we went on an in class trip all the way to Catalonia. The children were given airplane tickets and the classroom was set up like an airplane. We learnt about specific areas of the UK in which we would need to fly over and then discussed other countries that would be passed on the way too until we reached our final destination of Barcelona.