Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Home Learning Week 1 WC 23-3-20

We hope you enjoy continuing your child's learning journey with them at home. The project plans contain links to web pages (blue underlined text) and are intended to support you with teaching your child at home. The power of play is a top tip! Children learn the most when they are playing and leading their own learning can result in lots of unexpected learning outcomes. Playing with dough, creating models using Lego, Duplo etc, creating junk box models, threading, sorting collections of small objects such as buttons, using scissors and painting, all support the development of your child’s fine motor control, mathematical knowledge and understanding and much more. Developing your child’s speaking skills by encouraging them to talk about their work and play and supporting their ability to identify sounds in words by modelling saying them out loud, will also support the development of knowledge and skills your child needs to write.