Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Focus week - we have had a really busy end to our first half term! We have been painting fish, making fish sculptures out of recycled materials, explored printing to make underwater backgrounds and even had a workshop with class dynamix.

Maths - in maths we have been looking at place value to 10 and adding within 10. This week we have been consolidating our learning with some problem solving! We have matched up pieces of a giant triangle to ensure the matching parts add to make 10 and we have played an avalanche adding game .

DT - in DT we have been busy designing, baking and decorating our very own alien biscuits! We worked in small groups to put together the mixture and then cut out our biscuit shape, once they had been in the oven we got out our plans and followed them carefully to finish our tasty alien biscuits!

Science - we have continued looking at materials and focusing on their properties. We took it in turns to describe an item to our partner based on the properties and then our partner had to guess which item they thought we were describing.

PE - in PE we have been looking at balancing and jumping. We practiced safe landing when jumping off different sized equipment.

Art - we have been looking at Piet Mondrian in art and developing our painting techniques. We recreated some of his art work and have experimented with colour mixing.

Science - in science our topic is materials! We began this with a materials hunt, we looked around our classroom and outside to see what materials we could find!

Maths - we have been exploring place value to 10 in maths. We we able to sort objects and discuss how we had sorted them!

Provision - we have been settling into Year 1 really well. We have been exploring the different areas of our classroom and completing new weekly challenges! We are working really hard at trying to use our name labels and taking pictures of our independent work ourselves.