Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

House Teams


There are four House Teams which staff and pupils all belong to. They are;

They have all been named in recognition of the 'learning journey' we all participate in when at Pudsey Primrose Hill.

House Points

Pupils can win house points for their individual total or their house team, in recognition for high standards of learning and behaviour in all aspects of school life. Pupils will often be organised to learn or compete in house teams. 

Pupils will be awarded stickers when they achieve specific house point totals. They are;

50 points   - Bronze
100 points - Silver
150 points - Gold
200 points - Platinum
250 points - Diamond

Please ask your child how well they are doing in collecting house points and encorage them to earn and achieve even more.


Every week, a winning house team is announced on the newsletter. These weekly totals are collected and contribute towards a termly winner. 
Winning house teams are rewarded with a celebration in recognition of their achievements which is organised by the Friends of Primrose Hill.