Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


7 Natural wonders of the world focus week - Rio Harbour WB 18.10.21


Today we began our collages, using different shades of colours and materials to create our pictures. We have started with greens for the trees and blues for the water.


Today we spent some time researching Rio Harbour and why it was a natural wonder of the world. In English we used facts about Rio Harbour and organised them into subheadings ready for our writing later on in the week. Finally in the afternoon, we learnt about collages. We then began to plan our collages for beginning tomorrow. At the end of the day we performed the 7 continents song. Watch the video below! 


Y4 started the day with a postcard from Hedwig (Harry potter). The postcard gave clues about where and what we will be learning about this focus week. After some detective skills, the children worked out that Hedwig was in Rio De Janeiro and was visiting the natural wonder, Rio Harbour. Throughout the day we learnt about where in the world Rio was, including which continent and country it was in. We had the opportunity to use Ipads to locate landmarks and even started to learn a song all about the 7 continents. 

Poetry Slam Week - WB 11.10.21


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Lyra, Lola,

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Evie and

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Music - 11.10.21

In Music, Y4A have been learning all about rhythm and pulse. The song we have focused on is Mamma Mia by Abba. Please watch the video below and enjoy :)

History - The Romans - 7.10.21

This half term Year 4 have started to learn all about the Roman empire and the Roman army. Today, we spent the afternoon learning about why the Roman army was so powerful. This led to children learning about the Roman battle techniques. Children then created posters to show what they had learnt about them.