Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Non- negotiables for writing

Each year group has devised a set of non-negotiables for writing.  The non- negotiables are a list of writing skills that should have been mastered the year before. This list helps support pupils when they check, edit and improve their writing . At Primrose Hill even our youngest pupils are taught to carry out a cumulative re-read to check for sense, punctuation and spelling.


For example some non-negotiables for a Year 3 classroom would be use a full stop at the end of every sentence and use a capital letter at the start of every sentence. Whereas a non-negotiable in a Year 6 classroom would be to use a comma after a fronted adverbial and to use commas in relative clauses. Non-negotiables are shared regularly with pupils and they are displayed prominently in every classroom across school so they can be used as a teaching aid.