Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Design and Technology in Action

Year 1: Food Technology - Alien Biscuits: children in year 1 have been making biscuits by rubbing fat into flour and using biscuit cutters.

Year 2: Food Technology - Children in year 2 were challenged to make sushi. They learnt how to chop safely using the claw grip and used this skill to prepare their fillings.

Year 4: Bridges - children in year 4 have been applying their knowledge of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce bridge structures.

Year 3: Houses - children in year 3 built houses using nets and applied their knowledge of how to strengthen and stiffen more complex structures.

Year 1: Hand Puppets - Children in year 1 were challenged to design hand puppets to be used by themselves and others to tell stories. They spent time researching the most effective ways to join materials and used their findings when making their products.

Year 2: Bug Hotels - Children in year 2 were challenged to make bug hotels. They had to think carefully about the most appropriate materials to use and how they would make their hotels appealing to the local wildlife!