Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


Red Nose Day- Our best joke winners, Lola and Aubrey!

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British Science week Vickers workshops!

Lego Workshop

This week, as part of our Owlcotes Element 'An Investigative Mind', Year 2 had an amazing morning in a Lego workshop. The children learned how to code and program sounds to make their Lego robots move. They then followed careful instructions to make a Lego car then customised it themselves. The children worked incredibly well and showed great co-operation in their teams.

Science Super Learning Day

Today children completed an experiment over time to answer the question: Will a paper boat float forever? Children also completed a fair test in teams to find out the best material to make a ramp out of for a toy car to travel the furthest distance. They even had a go at recording their results in a bar graph!

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