Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

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Focus week - We worked on our Design Technology and Speaking skills this week as we created a t-shirt out of recycled materials!

Maths - We have been working on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers without exchange. We have found using pictorial resources and practical resources like counters and base 10 really helpful to ensure we are working in the correct columns.

History - We were able to discover Tutankhamun's tomb when it arrived in our school blurb direct from Ancient Egypt. We had 10 seconds inside the tomb as an archaeologist, discovering the tomb with torches!

Poet visit - We had the exciting event of a real life poet Conrad Burdekin visit school for an assembly to launch our poetry slam week. Year 3 were also able to have a workshop with Conrad where we created our very own poem with him. Ours involved an orange that wanted a new job - have a read and enjoy!

Reading - We have been working on developing our speaking skills and performance skills with a poem in class this week.

Religious Education - We learnt about the bible story 'The Prodigal Son' today and discussed questions we would like to ask the characters. Two brave children and Miss Wiechula role played being the father and the two sons and the class asked them questions about the story.

Reading - We were developing our dictionary skills in reading today. We then completed a word study on some unfamiliar words we found in a poem.

Computing - We looked at the digital functions of a range of technology. We then thought about the sustainability of using technology for writing and art instead of using physical resources like paper.

History - We have been exploring Ancient Egyptian artefacts this week and drawing an artists impression of the River Nile detailing why it was so important to Egyptians.

Geography - We have really enjoyed exploring our Where In The World each week! This week we looked at country in South America - Wait for the newsletter to find out the answer!

Science - Looking at our new topic on Forces and Magnets we tested a toy car and the Friction a number of surfaces had on the toy car ensuring that it was a fair test. We then recorded our results in a table.

Art - Continuing with our Picasso inspired work we recapped what a collage was and talked through some key vocabulary. We then created a copy of a landscape to develop our collage skills.

Music - With our composer lanyards on we took about starting the challenge from the English National Opera and came up with our class colour... More to be revealed later!

P.E - We have been using different body parts to balance. Today we had our hands and feet off the floor and were moving bean bags and cones from one hoop to another with just our feet. We were so successful we had a race at the end of the lesson and moved 5 bean bags through the whole class in 1minute 14 seconds!

Music - We had a letter and a parcel arrive in our class while we were at PE. It turned out to be a personalised letter from the English National Opera asking us to help them finish off a song. We were given composer lanyards and we cannot wait to get started!

Art - We are currently studying Pablo Picasso and his collage technique. This was our first lesson where we were asked to create Picasso inspired faces using cutting, sticking, tearing and ripping skills.

P.E - We have been working on balancing this week. We have looked at a variety of one footed balances and then challenged ourselves by balancing different PE equipment whilst doing our one footed balances.

Religious Education - We discussed what Christians believe is important for living a good life.

Writing - We have been retelling the story of The Scarab's Secret. We are going to innovate the story with our own characters.

Artist of the Month - We were inspired by Gunta Stölzl and had a go at paper weaving. We were very proud of our efforts!

Writing - We have been retelling the story The Scarabs Secret with words and actions!