Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


During focus week we spent time in the school environment collecting natural resources to make a collage for our own bodies!

Foraging in Pudsey park for materials for our natural art. Children were interested in the leaves that thye collected and this gave us an opportunity to revisit our science knowledge on identifying trees.

Going Wild Outdoors!! We had a visit from Chris from Go Wild Outdoors. He brought some wonderful and interesting things for us to look at that he found whilst exploring the outdoors. He then took us out doors where we found treasures from our own school field and showed great co operation and resilience through making dens.

We enjoyed taking on the many roles in the traditional tale The Enormous Turnip. We used our skilled speaking to perform to the class.

In Science we have been clasifying animals. We conducted an investigation looking at animal poo (plastercine) that contained clues to help us understand if the animal was a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. We then discussed what animal it could have been. The children enjoyed exploring and investigating with some great discussions and use of key vocabulary.

When learing about the body parts and human features we used our own bodies to identify these. Children worked together to draw around a body and then labelled as many parts as we could before identifying all the key features.