Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School

Art in Action

Year 1 - Piet Mondrian - Children explored the work of Piet Mondrian and spent time looking at the colour wheel; learning which colours are primary and which are secondary. They recreated Mondrian style collages and paintings with a focus on colour and shape.

Year 1 - Drawing and Sketching - Children learnt how to develop a range of tone using a pencil and how to use a variety of drawing techniques such as: hatching, scribbling, stippling, and blending. Georgia O'Keeffe's 'Sunflowers' - an artist they looked at in Reception - was their inspiration.

Year 2 - Alma Thomas - Children created their own abstract style art inspired by Alma Thomas. They were taught how to colour mix and how to make tints and tones by adding white and black. There final pieces were centred around the famous Alma Thomas 'stripes'.

Year 2 David Hockney - Children spent time developing their drawing techniques using different mediums. They reviewed some of Hockney's famous pieces of artwork and worked together to recreate their own 'spring awakening' collage. Children also looked at Hockney's digital art and spent time creating their own digital pieces on the IPad's.

Year 3 Sculpture Club - Children learnt how to use cardboard, tin foil and masking tape to create tin foil figures. They practiced techniques such as: tearing, scrunching, folding and cutting. They also enjoyed sculpting with clay where they learnt how to construct a simple base for extending and modelling other shapes. This resulted in some fantastic looking plant/pencil pots!

Year 3 Pablo Picasso - Children spent time learning about different collage techniques including: cutting, tearing, ripping, layering, and sticking. They practiced these techniques in their sketchbooks and then created a Picasso inspired collage using photographs of their own faces.

Year 4 - Van Gogh - Children studied Van Gogh where they learnt about the techniques, colour, tone, textures and patterns he used. They were then taught how to draw in third dimension and how to create perspective in their drawings. Their final pieces showcases the skills they have learnt and how they were inspired by Van Gogh.

Year 4 Jean Michel Basquiat - Children looked at some of his most famous works and tried to recreate them using paint. They then learnt more about him and his distinctive style. Their final pieces involved creating an inspired painting with the design brief 'silhouette, colour and headgear'.

Year 5 - 3D and Sculpture (Volcanoes) - Children spent time manipulating recycled, natural and manmade materials to create a volcano. They created the 3D base for their volcanoes using card and used papier-mâché to build up their sculptures.

Year 5 Sculpture Club - Children used recycled, natural and manmade materials to create sculptures out of willow. These sculptures will be attached to the windows of the year 5 classrooms where we hope to see birds beginning to feed and nest!

Year 5 After School Art Club - design brief 'Mother Africa'. Children created designs to reflect 11 African countries. They then worked as team to draw and paint their designs onto our globe!

Year 6 Anjana Cawdell - Children recapped the learning from last year about pencil and sketching techniques and then practiced some of these by sketching a bird in flight. Following this, they learnt a range of watercolour techniques and practiced using these. Children then created their final pieces. Have a look at the pre and post assessment examples below!

KS2 Art Club - Silhouette art.

KS2 Art Club - Children enjoyed learning how to mono-print using oil pastels.