Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School


In maths we have been looking at measurement. We have used scales to find the weight of a variety of items in cubes.

Abbey House museum - we had a fantastic visit to Abbey house this half term. We Were able to explore a variety of old toys in our workshop and looked at lots of old and news toys around the museum, we spoke about how they are similar and different. We were able to have a go on one of the old games and we finished off our day by exploring the Victorian street! We sat on some outdoor toilets!

Science - we have been looking at plants and this week we have specifically looked at trees. We used a tree identification key to look at the trees in our school grounds. We collected leaves from them and completed some leaf rubbing, so that we could identify and classify the trees that we found.

History - we have been looking at Florence Nightingale in history and learning all about her life and what she did. We have looked at some artefacts from her time and thought about how they would be used.

Writing - we have begun looking at nonfiction writing about Florence Nightingale and worked together to identify the features within the model text.